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MilkDrop Butterchurn visuals

The music page contains MilkDrop visuals from the Geiss (code, port) / Flexi (many presets) / JBerg (port, code) / EatMe (code, web example, manual) / MilkDrop Butterchurn v2.6.7.1e-complete (GitHub).
Based on PC project MilkDrop by Geiss, web project Butterchurnviz by JBerg and contains an update in the v. with a manual and new functions.
You can right-click or push long on mobiles on the visuals for a full view experience.
Left click or tap shortly on the visuals to change the current visual presets.
Geiss/Flexi/JBerg/EatMe MilkDrop Butterchurn v2.6.7.1e-complete (GitHub) is released under a MIT license for Commercial, Private, Distribution and Modification usage,
with No Liability Granted and No Warranty Granted under the conditions of a License and Copyright notice.


To make music, EatMe uses the following gear: